As a new customer to Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa, I require that you complete a customer Grooming Record Card in full prior to a first booking.

The information requested helps me get to know you and your dog(s), similarly, it provides me the necessary information I need for my booking and receipt systems. Once you have completed the form, you can go to choose the desired groom for your dog(s). If, however, you have a specific style or questions, please call me and we can discuss and arrange your appointment at the same time.

Above all, the ONLY reason I have requested your email and mobile information, is for grooming appointments and booking confirmations. Similarly, any details captured will NOT be passed to any 3rd parties for any purposes – unless you agree with me in person.

Most importantly, I wish to assure you that all information you provide is held securely. In short, the information is used only to present me an overview of you and your dog(s) – (For Your Assurance – See My Privacy Policy).

Complete my Grooming Record Card HERE

Inspired by her own dogs, Jools founded Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa to fill a much-needed gap in the market for a quality grooming in the local area. The goal? To create a well-loved destination for the dog community, in the heart of their Biggleswade neighbourhood. Owner and Head Groomer, Jools prides herself on her work and makes sure your pet is well cared for and feels completely safe at all times. Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa Online Booking

The Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa salon is customised for each dog’s individual needs. Based in Biggleswade and covering the surrounding area, you dog receives a one-to-one personal groom experience within a safe, clean and sterile environment. We have a strict policy where all dogs are treated and handled like they are our own.

For Jools, Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa is a place where she can push the boundaries of how a typical dog grooming salon operates. She has already sourced stylish lifestyle products from the very best modern brands and creating a warm, welcoming space for both pets and their owners. Come and see for yourself and have your loved one groomed by Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa.

We are committed to providing a relaxing environment in our modern, spacious and clean salon and where you won’t find any heating / drying cabinets or the caging of animals. Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa Online Booking

We love to chat with our clients in order to find out how the desired style to help us achieve the results you are looking for. We can trim all breeds in all styles, including hand stripping, and teach our staff these skills. We are a specialist in grooming cats, and of course because we understand that customer services are very important this is instilled into all our staff. Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa Online Booking