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Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa has expert dog groomers will do everything they can to make the grooming experience easy and relaxing for your dog. Skilled in all dog breeds, we will work to achieve your desired groom. If you’re unsure what you want, we will discuss different styles with you, so that you won’t be surprised by the final outcome. We keep digital records of all our canine clients, so if you want a certain style each time, we’ll know what to do without further instruction. Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa

At Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding dog grooming and styling. Our salon is run by expertly trained and knowledgeable staff and fitted with the very best equipment to make your dog’s experience a stress-free one. To get the most out of your appointment, we think it’s important that you get to know us. That’s why our friendly team is always on hand to have a chat or answer your questions. Wilmas Dog Grooming Sitemap

Above all, you should not overlook using a dog groomer regularly! Grooming your dog should be regular appointment, to ensure that your dog is living its best life, as well as fostering good health and wellness. Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa



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All of my dog grooming services use all-natural hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners and massage washing, ensuring a deeper clean. All dogs are hand towelled followed by a fluff dry, before a style groom. I use the latest in Hydrobath washing and blaster drying, with a height adjustable grooming table, providing easy access for dogs of all sizes. – giving your dog the perfect groom.

There are so many advantages to having your dog(s) groomed at Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa. Most importantly, regardless of chosen groom, I always pay attention to the eyes, ears and face. Therefore, whether your dog needs a full groom, or just a fluff-dry and cologne, Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa have a groom for you. Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa prices vary depending upon the breed of dog, how large the dog is in size, the style of groom and the condition of their coat. Wilmas Dog Grooming Sitemap

Most importantly, I provide the one-to-one service that includes more attention for your dog(s), helping to keep them clean and smelling great. In other words, Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa is your best grooming option for your loved fur baby!