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I get a lot of customers asking if I can clip short their double coated breed such as a Border Collie or Pomeranian because they look hot during the warmer months, however this it is a common misconception. Double coated breeds have a longer topcoat which works as a guard from the elements whereas the undercoat works to keep the skin dry and insulated. Shaving a double coat removes the dog’s natural insulation, the new growth will consist of a thicker undercoat mixed with shorter topcoat hairs; this is known as ‘Coat Funk’ or ‘False Coat’. This results in the dog being covered in an extra thick blanket of undercoat, so imagine wearing that in the summer heat! The lack of guard coat provides no protection from the sun’s rays and a quick dip in a cool pond will result in water being soaked up into the undercoat and the surrounding plant life becoming stuck to your poor dog, with its new clipped Velcro coat! The coat could also grow back unevenly (Coat Funk), also, dogs not used to be clipped could scratch and irritate their skin causing sore patches and ‘hot spots’. There are better ways for your groomer to help your double coated breed and you can discuss this during the consultation, but you’ll be amazed at how much of the shedding coat we can remove using our professional tools! However, if there is a genuine reason for having the dogs coat clipped or scissored short, it can be done, and we are happy to do so if you understand the results may vary.

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