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First, it’s good to understand exactly what Hand Stripping is and what it involves. Wire coated breeds should have a double coat consisting of a coarse wiry topcoat known as the guard coat and a soft undercoat. Hand Stripping involves plucking out the coarse guard coat by hand and some suitable tools. Removing the dead guard coat allows new growth to come through which keeps the rich colour and texture of the wiry coat. If this coat is clipped or scissored you will lose the deep colours of the coat, as mainly the pale undercoat will remain and the texture will soften, destroying the protection of the coat. Not all wiry coated dogs can be hand stripped for a variety of reasons such as suitability of the coat, health issues or if the coat has been previously clipped. A show standard hand stripped coat is time consuming and an ongoing process as your groomer would need to be ‘rolling’ the coat on a weekly basis allowing the harsh texture to remain constant. However, we understand this is not suitable for most owners so we will usually completely hand strip the coat in one session. Some dogs are more sensitive than others while being hand stripped and it is something that they need to get used to over time which is why it may need to be done over a few sessions at first. We also like to provide regular water and toilet breaks during the sessions (for both the dog and groomer!) as the appointment will be longer than an average session. However, over time the dog will get used to it and most dogs enjoy the quiet time to relax and be pampered.

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