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My name is Jools – the owner of  Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa.



Full Groom

Teeth Cleaning

Those who know me well, know that in my life, there are an order of things that are a priority to me…. Wilma’s Dog Grooming Biggleswade

  1. My Animals
  2. My Children
  3. Everything and Everyone Else
  4. ……… My (long suffering) Husband!

We live on a farm with our 5 dogs, 5 cats, 6 horses, a house pig and a rescue pig. Being involved in animal welfare has been a long standing passion and latterly, a dog groomer became the obvious career choice for me.

I am a foster volunteer for a Bulldog charity, and 2 (of our 5) dogs are rescues. I’ve encountered dogs with all temperaments (nervous thru aggressive), as well as many types of physical and emotional neglect.  I find nothing else more rewarding, than showing these dogs love and respect, and seeing them grow and develop into the happy dogs that they deserve to be.

My motto for Wilmas Wagnificent Pet Spa will always be “Humanity before Vanity”!

If you have any concerns or questions, lets discuss it and work out what is best for your pet and you. Wilma’s Dog Grooming Biggleswade


Dog Grooming Biggleswade

Biggleswade Grooming


Biggleswade Dog Grooming

Full Groom

My Full Groom offers everything your dog needs to feel healthy and look great. The deepest clean, a full body style, and all the necessary trimming and spritzing to get your dog looking and smelling their absolute best.

Maintenance Trim

This is for low maintenance dogs or those in-between full grooms. for pets in order to keep them looking and smelling great.

Puppy Introduction

This is a gentle introduction to grooming for puppies from 8 weeks to 4 months of age. It’s very important that you introduce your little one to grooming from a very young age.

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